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Cleaning Tips for Animal
Lovers with Furry Friends

Animal lovers know the pros and cons of sharing a flat with these furry little friends. They give us their unconditional love and affection and our whole day and mood improve by just playing with them. Having a 'four-legged' friend brings so much joy but a lot of work also, this includes smells, hair, and dirt that we must take care of.

Mayu Cleaning Services wants to provide you with some tips so you can continue to maintain your home looking radiant and show that it is possible to live with a flurry friend:

Carpets looking brand new:
Carpets are possibly one of our pet’s favorite places since it is warm and very comfortable for them. Make sure you pay attention to have it vacuumed every two or three days to remove the hairs of your 'four-legged' friend and brush them every 15 days with a mixture of soap and water.

Very much interesting smells:
Anti-odor candles have been already created and designed to combat pet scents, what a lifesaver! Turn it on daily to aromatize the spaces of your home.

Your furry one in perfect condition:
It is not recommendable you bathe your furry friend every day, but a great option is to clean him with special wet clothes and brush them regularly to remove hair and dead skin. And what about the breath? Brush his teeth with a product for them and give him special treats to clean them. The cleanliness of your pet will greatly affect the cleanliness of your home.

All their items clean: Bed, toys, blankets... Every 15 days wash and clean your pet's objects very well. The bacteria and dirt that these elements can accumulate are insane.

Keep the fresh air inside: Open the windows and ventilate the spaces of your house. It's not important if it's cold or hot; five to ten minutes a day will be enough for the air to circulate and bad odors to come out. Long life to our pets!

These were Mayu Cleaning Services tips.