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Detail Clean


Detail Clean

We schedule, as part of our routine, more in-depth cleaning of your home or office surfaces.

As part of our cleaning services to clean all surfaces every time we clean, there are seasonal or extra cleaning projects that require a more in-depth clean.

I am still using Mayu Cleaning Services and Marjorie has been cleaning my house for 2 years now. She is amazing. She is reliable, has never once canceled her appointment, and goes above and beyond her duties. - Jossie Wong

This would include hand wiping cabinets, baseboards, windowsills, and walls; giving extra attention to floors and grout; extra attention to individual knick-knacks; range hoods, drip pans, appliances, window washing (added service), and more

Deep cleaning and detail cleaning are often done before holiday gatherings, special events, and times when you really want the extra clean sparkle and shine for your guests

Our Reviews

She did a great job; very polite and well mannered. Good at there job! I will recommend them!

Mayu did an excellent job with cleaning and they have exceeded my expectations. They were recommended by a friend and I could not be happier. They are trust worthy because I had to leave the house to pick up supplies. Thank you for a great job and I will request again.