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Pre-sale / new home / apartment turnover


Pre-sale / new home /
apartment turnover

We get your home, condominium, or apartment showroom ready for the new tenant or homeowner.

Pre-sale cleaning helps you declutter and get your home showroom ready for a quick, profitable sale. Buyers want to walk in and imagine this being their home. We help to neutralize the look so they can see their things in your place.

I am still using Mayu Cleaning Services and Marjorie has been cleaning my house for 2 years now. She is amazing. She is reliable, has never once canceled her appointment, and goes above and beyond her duties. - Jossie Wong

Clean is also a magnet to an apartment seeker. A clean, fresh-smelling dwelling is both welcoming and enticing to someone looking for a new place to call home

Our New Home cleaning experts know just where to find lurking dust and debris and will complete a thorough cleaning inspection of your new house before you or your home buyers move in.

Our Reviews

She did a great job; very polite and well mannered. Good at there job! I will recommend them!

Mayu did an excellent job with cleaning and they have exceeded my expectations. They were recommended by a friend and I could not be happier. They are trust worthy because I had to leave the house to pick up supplies. Thank you for a great job and I will request again.