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Vinegar: Your perfect partner
in the kitchen and cleaning

For generations, vinegar has been used not only as a key ingredient in the kitchen but also as a fantastic cheap natural remedy for cleaning. Nowadays where climate change and sustainability are so present in our lives, dispensing aggressive products helps the environment a lot. Vinegar is very well known not only for its culinary attributes but also for its antiseptic power as well as having antiviral and antibacterial properties on the surfaces where it is used. Its pH prevents the substitution of pathogens and eliminates a large part of them.

Mayu Cleaning Services wants to provide you with tips on how you can use this great natural remedy at home:

Vegetables and fruits free of pesticides:
Putting fruits and vegetables in a bucket full of water with a tablespoon of baking soda and of vinegar helps to eliminate a large part of these toxic substances.

Deodorizes the refrigerator:
A small container with water and vinegar inside the refrigerator helps remove bad odors from your refrigerator.

Kitchen and bathroom disinfection:
Vinegar can be used as a product to disinfect bathroom and kitchen surfaces, removing dirt and bacteria.

Remove scale from the shower and taps:
Unscrew the tap parts, immerse them in a container with water and vinegar for two hours, rinse, and if the stains are old, scrubbing a little with a brush or sponge helps to remove the scale of your bathroom.

Eliminate the bad smell of the rooms:
Fill a jar with water and add a splash of vinegar. Leave it in the room uncovered until the smell is gone. This idea is perfect for freshly painted rooms. In this case, it is advisable to change the water every 12 hours and repeat the procedure at least three days in a row.

These were Mayu Cleaning Services tips.